Wonder Room, Selfridges London
15th June 2015
Drapers Shopwatch features Moncler and Michael Kors Stores
23rd May 2016
Househam Henderson sucht Architekt/in
18th May 2016
Househam Henderson move to USA
9th May 2016

Another fantastic piece by @JRart making the @MuseeLouvre #pyramid disappear. #TuesdayTip qz.com/694975/artist-… 14 hours ago

Looking for new architect to join the London team
5th May 2016
The Chris Henderson Drawing Prize
4th May 2016
Kate Spade arrives in London
4th May 2016
Drapers Shopwatch features Kate Spade amongst others
18th April 2016
The Cambridge Satchel Company in Edinburgh
18th April 2016
Friary Court Aylesbury
17th March 2016
Meet the new Director in London
1st March 2016
Graphic Design Assistant needed in London
22nd February 2016
Leman Street Offices
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