About our new team leader in Paris office


Carole Netzer has returned to us in the new role of Team Leader in the Paris Office. She takes the lead on inter-office work.

We wanted to know more:


  • Team Leaders have a lot of responsibilities, what is your favourite challenge?

My favorite challenge is to try to build a dynamic and confident team + increase Paris office image in front of client eyes.


  • Tell us one thing that you learnt in the past that you are using right now:

Communication is everything. Gandhi said : “You can have every abilities, if you don’t have the attitude you won’t succeed”


  • Which of your skills would you most like to share with your staff?

The communication as for me this is the key for a good work.


  • Who or what was the most important influence in your early career?

Honestly my father for his strength and the capacity he’s always had to transform his dreams in reality.


  • If a client wanted to meet in Paris where would you take them?

As I already did, I will take them to the Café Marly for a lunch in front of the Louvre


  • You’ve travelled a lot for work but Paris is your city, help us paint a picture of this city:
  1. Paris … “ La plus belle ville du monde “
  2. Your favourite Monument: The Eiffel Tower. It makes me feel home.
  3. Wrong reason why Paris is famous: Tabac / waste / Contrast with the beauty of the city
  4. Favourite name street: Rue Princesse
  5. Things you hate the most: Taxi definitely !!! (again today!)
  6. The architectural details used the most in the city: Moulding in Haussmanian building
  7. Your secret garden: La rue du Square Montsouris
  8. The place that makes you feel outside of Paris: The street Villa Daviel in Paris XIII which is a paved street out of time
  9. The French expression you won’t try to translate in English: “Ca coûte les yeux de la tête”… Too difficult to translate and to explain…